Power your Capital with
Agents & Modularity
Manage all yield positions regardless of VM in one place.
Access the fastest growing marketplace of trending dApps.
Automate cross-chain transactions with smart agents.
Safe guard your funds with OP Machine Learning fraud proofs.
Modular Architecture
Omo is the first omnichain asset management protocol.

It's core purpose is to serve the future of modularity in the growing EVM / ALT-VM landscape. Solving the biggest challenge modularity presents, fragmentation.  

As a modular DeFi protocol, Omo aims to abstract away the complexity associated with cross chain transactions.
On-Chain Agents
Secure TEE-based autonomous agents operate as a person would on-chain, from within an isolated off-chain environment secured by hardware enclaves.

Optimistic Machine Learning fraud proofs act as guardrails for the agent behaviour to bolster security.
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Omnichain Distribution
Omo's infrastructure enables the fastest growing marketplace for omnichain yield opportunities.

Distributing the latest and best protocols universally to all users regardless of their primary chain.
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Unlocking DeFi Distribution
Disrupting Digital Asset Management
Frequently asked questions

What is Omo?

Omo is an Omnichain Application (OApp) designed to operate seamlessly across all VM networks, abstracting away the complexity presented with the growing networks and siloed protocols. The OApp enables management of fragmented capital across all chains through a single user-interface.

What is Modular DeFi?

Modular DeFi is a new primitive that is required to interconnect protocols, users and liquidity scattered across all VMs. Ushering a new era of DeFi applications that outperform legacy DeFi applications on every metric.

How secure are On-Chain Agents?

The core issue with existing protocols is that the risk of exploits is positively correlated with their expansion of new products and support of new networks. This is due to their reliance of on-chain smart contracts, which are notoriously exploitable.

Omo’s use of On-Chain Agents allows us to have a code minimized approach, agents operate as a person would, instructions are coded in python and the agent behaviour is monitored by optimistic machine learning fraud proofs. Agents live and operate from within The Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), a trusted execution environment (TEE) secured by hardware enclaves, which are extremely hard to attack.

This is the most secure execution for protecting user funds.

How do I use Omo?

There's many use cases that is enabled through our modular agent powered infrastructure.

To begin users will be able to leverage Omo as a control centre for accessing high yield and airdrop farming opportunities across all VMs. Deposit / Withdraw from any vault on any chain and our on-chain agents will execute your instruction on your behalf.

Omo empowers you to navigate the complex world of DeFi with ease.